Even Though Writing Is a Lonely Experience… It Doesn’t Mean It has to be Done alone!


This is a guest post from my friend Dawn Whitmore. Enjoy!


Even Though Writing Is a Lonely Experience… It Doesn’t Mean It has to be Done alone!

Writing used to be known as a lonely profession. However, with the technology age we are living in, this is not so anymore. Our new problem, we have too many distractions to steal the focus from our writing. My hope each day is to have a healthy balance between social media and my writing. Some days, balance is achieved and on others it is not…lately it seems the balance between the two has been more on the “not” end of the spectrum.

I know time management is important. Blogs each week tell me how to be a better writer, make daily to-do lists, write a specific time each day, and guest post. These are all great ideas but until I start consistently doing them; they are only ideas. There is a part of me that wants the ideas to become habit. Good habits produce improved writing.

Jeff Goins’ frequently speaks, “Writing is hard work.” No, I am not afraid of hard work. I have been working hard for a good part of my life. Yet, this hard work is where most of us get tripped up. I propose this is where the Internet can be of great assistance.

I have used the Internet to make a commitment to two online groups. One is an accountability group. We determine focus points each month and then follow-up with each other…accountability. My other HUGE step this year was in accepting the leadership role in a critique group.

This critique group requires me to have a “tough skin” because I have given these ladies permission to be honest with my writing. Flattery will not help me be a strong writer. These ladies question my work. However, they also tell me what I am doing correctly too.

In a world full of various communication portals available to us, it is imperative for this writer to connect. Being an introverted personality, it is easy for me to be satisfied being Sweetie and me in our apartment. Yet, I can’t grow as a writer if I am not connecting. How do you connect?


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