Monthly Archives: December 2012

When Your Writing Gets Stale


One afternoon, after a productive day of writing, I opened my fridge to take a quick lunch break. I prepared a hearty sandwich, full of the remains of our leftover Christmas dinner. I microwaved a dinner roll, filled the inside and took a bite. You know what I found?


The harsh cold of the refrigerator had taken its toll on the bun’s crust, leaving a once soft, chewy center hard and virtually inedible. 

Sometimes I feel this way about my writing. My once fresh ideas and unique perspective give way to old rhetoric and copycat ideas.

So, how do I breathe new life into my writing and prevent writing staleness to set in?

Read– Whenever I am neglecting the time I designate to read other authors, my writing suffers. If time is an issue, choose one author who inspires you. 

Learn– I am currently taking Jeff Goins’ Tribe Writer’s Course, and am enjoying it immensely. I am also reading his e- book You are a Writer (So Start Acting Like One). His unique voice makes me feel like he is speaking only to me. I want my readers to feel that way too.

Watch- As you watch TV, surf the web, or read the newspaper, answer these questions: What are some of the current trends in culture? Who/what is making headlines? Why? In what way can I, as a Christian, integrate the unchanging nature of God into that situation? If our words do not change the lives of others, they, like that bun, are indigestible. 

In what ways can you give your stale writing new life?