The Three Fears of Hitting the Publish Button


I labored for so long meticulously writing, editing then writing some more. My final manuscript was finally ready to ship off to the publisher for possible publication. I was so excited! I glided my finger over to the mouse, hovered the arrow over the word “send” on my email and…

sat there helplessly.

An overwhelming wave of fear gripped me. Why couldn’t I just push the button?

Has this ever happened to you? Have you ever struggled with putting your words and thoughts out there, baring your soul for all to see (and criticize?)

Writing requires risk. Our words have the power to encourage, inspire and illuminate the lives of our readers. Yet the wrong words can subject us to ridicule, shame and humiliation.

If we want to make an impact on our world, we have to take the chance that the words  we write will bring more good  to the world that the bad ones.

Here are three fears associated with the publishing of your words:

Fear of Perfectionism- Cecil Murphey talks about perfectionism in his book Unleash the Writer Within. He says when you are ready to submit your work, say to yourself, “This is the best I can do at this stage in my writing career.” No matter how many times you comb through your manuscript, it will never be perfect. I repeated these words to myself when I pushed that send button, and it helped me feel better about my final draft. Those words will  help ease your fears, too. As long as I commit to letting my mistakes improve my writing, those errors will help my growth as a writer, not hinder it.

Fear of Rejection- You will be rejected. Everyone does.  Go write anyway.

Yes, the sting of rejection will hurt, but only for a while. When you are done, pick yourself up, dust yourself off and learn from the rejection. Ask yourself, “Is there a grain of truth to what they are saying to me?”

Fear of Criticism- You will always have naysayers. King David had them, the Apostles had them, even Jesus had them. Sometimes people criticize due to their own jealousy. Their jealousy has nothing to do with your worth as a writer. Only those who are trying to do something great, meet their share of opposition. Anything worth doing is never easily accomplished. If you receive harsh criticism, you must be on the right track toward establishing your writing career.Don’t let them sway you!

How have you overcome your fear of the send button? Share a comment below!


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