Monthly Archives: March 2014

Writing is art. And art is beautiful.


Recently feeling inspired, I  began to edit an old manuscript I hadn’t looked at in quite some time. As I read each sentence, I fumbled for just the right words to tighten my work and communicate my message in the most succinct yet creative way possible. However, once I got into my writing zone, the words flowed freely. As I molded and shaped my work, I felt like a potter molding and shaping her clay until it became her finest masterpiece. As I worked through the process of editing, I realized something:

I love writing.

I love everything about it. I even love it when I  dice and slice  my precious words. I always dislike it at first because I find it difficult to let go of my words. But once I do, I give way to the beauty that God wants to do in me and through me.

That’s how God made us. As people made in the image of God, we reflect His image when we create something. When we push the envelope and dig deep into our souls, what emerges is art, and art is beautiful. It punctuates life in a way that gives it meaning and purpose.  But sometimes it takes some molding and shaping and slicing and dicing.

But what emerges is art, and your finest masterpiece.

What beautiful work are you molding and shaping that will soon become your masterpiece? Are you willing to let go of some of your words to allow it to be beautiful?