Monthly Archives: June 2014

Writing for an Audience of One


Returning to my blog after a small hiatus, I perused the my list of people following my blog. As I looked at it,  I noticed I had a new follower. When I saw the man’s name I thought,

Who is this guy?

When I googled the name, I found that this man is an award winning photographer and has authored a book though a big Christian publishing house. When I realized that this person held an important role in the writing and art world, I began to see my writing (particularly this blog) in a new way. I began to see my seemingly insignificant writing attempts as more important now than ever before. I indulged that sentiment for a moment, but then stopped. I thought,

Why do I only see my writing as significant when the world is actually reading it?

Would I still want to write if no one read my work?

Why does it matter to me who is reading my stuff?

In 2009, on a woman’s retreat, I felt the Lord press upon me to write a book. Three printed books and three more on the way, I have benefited from the fruit of my obedience. However, I must constantly keep in mind that I write for an audience of One, the One who cheers as my fingers bang on the keyboard, loves me even when they don’t and comforts me when the rejection letters pour in. Because He knows the plans He has for my words– the lives they will touch– long before I ever do. He knows I have something to say, even when it comes in the form of a 200 word post that only two people read ( yes, you dear reader, He sees you too.)

I hope you write a blog that earns you hundreds of followers. I hope you write articles that get go viral on every social media network known to man. But even if they don’t, keep in mind who you write for the next time you engage in your word stringing.

Because I write for an audience of One, and so should you.